About Boarding-Only

Information for our existing Boarding-Only Clients

Since changing our policies on June 15th, 2015, and then launching our new website on August 1st, 2017, we've had some questions about who is and isn't eligible to board their dogs with us, so we're hoping to answer them here.

Now you can put your deposit down online... please check with us for availability before sending in your deposit(s). We have a new system you'll need to get registered in first.



-  Clients doing boarding-only with us prior to June 15th, 2015

-  Any dogs of those clients may be boarded (until further notice) as long as they are UTD on all required vaccinations, and can be safely, comfortably, and quietly crated.

-  We reserve the right to request an overnight trial stay for any new dogs obtained.

-  We reserve the right to deny boarding to any dogs that have or develop issues with being crated.


General Requirements

-  Maximum capacity is 10 dogs at a time

-  Minimum age is 8 weeks (should be with their litter until then)

-  Must be free of communicable diseases and/or fleas

-  Must be up to date on Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para-Influenza), and Bordetella (aka "kennel cough')

-  Must be clear of any parasites [worms, giardia, parvo, coccidia, etc.] and provide the Results of a recent Fecal Test showing they are NEGATIVE 

-  Must have been crate-trained (or in the process, if a young pup) and/or re-acclimated to sleeping in their crates at night prior to their stay

-  Any Breed/Size

-  Any temperament (except those with crate and/or separation anxiety)... dogs with dog-aggression will be let out separately.

-  Can be In-Tact or spayed/neutered  (but females cannot stay here during their heat cycle) 


Drop-Off & Pick-up Times

-  All exchanges are By Appointment Only and must be pre-arranged

-  Appointments can generally be made 7 days/week (excluding certain major holidays), 8AM-8pm, and are subject to availability 

-  We have a strict arrival window (5-10 minutes before or after appointment time) without notice, so we can make sure to have all the animals safely put away when you come.  We will follow the same rules if we are coming to your home.

-  We ask that you give us an hour notice if you need to change your appointment time by more than 15-20 minutes, as that may affect other appointments. 


What it costs

-  Regular Boarding (aka 'Boarding-Only') is $40*/night for the first dog

{Additional dogs in the same household; $35*/night for 2nd, $30*/night for 3rd, $25*/night for 4th, $20*/night for the 5th} 

-  Extended-stay discounts are available for 7+nights ($10 off the total price for each week they're here)

Optional add-on:

-  Transportation (dogs only) is $.55/mile (incl. tax), rounded up to the nearest mile and dollar ($5 minimum) 

*Reservations booked on/after July 1st, 2020 will be $40+tax (not included as was previously), which comes out to be $42.95.


What to Bring

-  Your dog's regular food + 2-3 days extra   {prefer that it not be individually packaged, so we can adjust if needed}

-  Regular non-slip Collar (no chokers) with ID/Rabies Tag, or an embroidered collar

-  Leash (preferably regular, not a flexi-lead)

-  Full Payment due up front

-  Updated Vaccination Records (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella) {can be submitted online}

-  Recent Fecal Test Results showing they are clear of any parasites/worms/parvo, etc.

-  Completed/Updated boarding Registration Form (can be submitted online)

If Applicable: 

-  Medications/Supplements/Medical Supplies

-  Flea/Tick or Heartworm preventatives

-  Behavior aids (calming tablets or plug-ins, etc.)

-  Training aids/equipment/treats

-  New information about dog(s)

-  Special instructions


-  Bedding

-  Treats (especially if they have food sensitivities)

-  Food Bowl (if they require a slow-feeder bowl)

~Download the PDF version of this list HERE~



*Reservations booked on/after July 1st, 2020 will be $40+tax (not included as was previously), which comes out to be $42.95.


After confirming availability with us, you may pay your deposit here:

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